TEDxSVSU 2015 Speakers

The following speakers took part in TEDxSVSU's first annual TEDx style event on August 1st, 2015. A huge thank you to everyone that helped make this event possible.

Darnell Jackson

Value of Human Worth

What is the definition of human worth? Judge Jackson suggests it is the conscious decision to compassionately do something that has a positive impact on another.

Darnell Jackson is a Circuit Court Judge, informational speaker and nationwide presenter for the National Judicial Institute on Domestic Violence. He is the author of the acclaimed book The Steps of A Good Man, which provides practical and proven methods for dealing with the challenges and setbacks of life. His philosophy is, “I have an obligation to those who hear me speak to provide them with something of significance that they didn’t have before.”

Franz Schneider

You thought you hired an employee, but a human being showed up instead

To close the productivity gap, your organization has to treat people with at least the same respect as you treat buildings and machines.

Franz Schneider, CEO Humantech, is a prominent authority on what organizations must do to get the best from their people. His client list is comprised of the world's most influential as well as profitable companies. A speaker at literally thousands of events, his humor and talent to make the complex usable has warmed audiences on six continents; Antarctica is still on his bucket list. Franz’s TEDx presentation will focus on three criteria every organization must embrace to close the gap between “what people can do if they are inspired and the least they do not to get fired.”

Margaret Arnold

Because People Matter

We can change the culture of patient care by believing evidence and consistently aligning our thoughts and actions with evidence based practice, because people really do matter.

Margaret Arnold is a Safe Patient Handling and Early and Progressive Mobility Consultant, and owner of Inspire Outcomes LLC. She also continues to practice Physical Therapy at McLaren-Bay Region, in Bay City, Michigan. Margaret has over 20 years of experience as a PT, specializing in back injury prevention, industrial rehabilitation and ergonomics. 

Tracy Weber

Horse Wisdom for the Human World

Horse wisdom can inspire humans to engage authentically in ways which nurture self awareness, empathy, compassion, transforming our own lives, our organizations, our communities and the world. 

Tracy Weber, Ph.D. is a recognized leader in equine-assisted learning (EAL), a university professor, an author, and entrepreneur. In addition to her state-of-the art facility in Michigan, she has facilitated EAL learning programs throughout the world, including Dubai, Croatia, Puerto Rico and several states in the US. Her engaging presentation will prompt spirited dialogue about humans becoming more horse-like.

Mike Mosher

Three C's of Design

Seek your conceptual model so your art/life's work may fly amidst overlaps of art and science.

Mike Mosher is a Professor, Art/Communication Media Administration at Saginaw Valley State University. Artist, adventurer and educator, his books include Creating Web Graphics, Audio & Video (2002, with Roger Shepard), two textbooks published in Japan (2005, 2008, with Noriko Uosaki) that teach English via rock and pop song lyrics, and illustrations for David Smith's cartoon biography Orwell for Beginners (1984). Before he came to SVSU in 2000 from California, Mike had been a community muralist for the San Francisco Art Commission, and a Senior Graphic Designer at Apple.

Jason Pockrandt

Fatherless to Fatherhood: The Journey

You can transform your own life and serve as the father figure for another. Humanity needs a world full of men being fathers theirs couldn't be, the fathers they want to be, for their family and community. 

Jason Pockrandt is a fatherlessness expert, Transformation Coach, motivational speaker, and author. He is also the founder of Live To Give where he spends most of his days coaching fatherless men to become the husbands and fathers they were created to be. He has spoken for institutions such as Power of Dad, Teen Challenge, Bay Arenac ISD, The Rock Center for Youth Development and Good Samaritan Rescue Mission. His TEDx talk will inspire and motivate fathers around the world to re-evaluate their choices and the lives they are leading. Asking them the question. Will you choose today to become the father he couldn’t be and live a legacy worth leaving in your family and community? The choice is yours and the opportunity for change is now. 

Joshua Smith

Crypto-currency can be used to advance medical research

Team leader of the 4th all-time highest-ranked team on the largest super computing research project Folding@Home. Developer of a secure currency earned by doing research. Respected strategic visionary for IoT (Internet of Things).

Team leader of the 4th all-time highest-ranked team on the largest super computing research project Folding@Home. Developer of a secure currency earned by doing research. Respected strategic visionary for IoT (Internet of Things).

Frank Hall

It takes a community to raise a teacher

In order for students to succeed, teachers need to succeed, and the overall community can help

Dr. Frank R. Hall joined Saginaw Valley State University as Dean, College of Science Engineering & Technology in June 2015. He brings a broad set of experiences in scientific research, education, and policy; and worked in academia, federal agencies, and non-governmental organizations on STEM related issues. Prior to coming to SVSU, Frank was a member of the Working Group to define STEM for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, working to establish a definition beyond the acronym.

Basil Clark

From Concept to Reality: How a University is Created

Dr Clark recalls the birth and development of a Michigan university,

Dr. Basil Clark is Professor Emeritus of English at Saginaw Valley State University. Dr. Clark has his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University and recently retired from SVSU after forty years of service. He taught a wide variety of English composition, language, and literature courses, with a particular interest in Old and Middle English literature. He is editor of the first volume of SVSU history, The Early and Formative Years, and contributing editor to the second, The Years of Growth and Maturity.

Kate Cardinali

Parenting: Why Pinterest has it all wrong

Parenting should not be a competition.

Kate Cardinali, the owner of Innovative Media & Design, is avid about propelling companies, creating success stories through engaging design and marketing solutions. In the midst of this, Kate is an active mother of three children under 5 years old who still finds time to lend a supportive hand by volunteering for local non-profit organizations and events.